Ardica is relentlessly focused on providing energy solutions that enable organizations and individuals to get the most out of their powered devices. To accomplish this, we marry world-class systems design with a patented, scalable solid hydrogen fuel that is energy-rich, stable and clean.

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Alane - an Ideal Fuel for the Modern World

Alane, or aluminum hydride (AlH3), is considered by experts to be one of the most versatile, energy-rich fuels. But until recently, it has been too expensive and difficult to produce. Until now. Learn More

  • The Power to Solve Many Market Needs

    Soldier Power

    Ardica is helping the U.S. Army replace the bulky, inefficient batteries soldiers carry on missions. The result? The Wearable Power System.

    The Power to Solve Many Market Needs

    Material Handling

    Ardica is developing quiet, emissions-free material handling solutions that provide maximum vehicle utility and highly-compact, stable fuel storage.

    The Power to Solve Many Market Needs

    Unmanned Systems

    Alane solutions can dramatically extend the endurance, range and capabilities of all types of unmanned systems.

    The Power to Solve Many Market Needs


    Adoption of electric and fuel cell vehicles is predicated on removing range anxiety while delivering the same flexibility we all expect. Ardica's solutions can help.

    The Power to Solve Many Market Needs

    Consumer Electronics

    Tired of searching for an outlet to keep your phone or laptop alive? With Alane, we can break free from the grid.

    The Power to Solve Many Market Needs

    Backup Power

    Alane backup systems are significantly smaller, safer, and more reliable than batteries.