ardica team

Ardica Technologies was born at Stanford University in 2004 when founders Daniel Braithwaite, Tibor Fabian and Dr. Fritz Prinz saw the opportunity to use advanced fuel cell technologies to meet the growing power needs of mobile applications. While the team had outstanding design and engineering expertise, they were still looking for the fuel of the future; something with outstanding energy density, but lightweight, stable and clean. The answer was found in Alane (AlH3). Although it had been around for decades as an experimental propellant, no one had considered it as a potential power source. Connecting those dots was Ardica’s breakthrough. It was at that moment the company began its transition from a design company into a full-fledged energy organization, one dedicated to delivering an ideal, flexible source of power to an increasingly device-dependent world. Today, Ardica has married its expertise in power systems design with affordable, scalable production of Alane. The result is market-driven solutions that deliver safe, reliable and powerful energy when and where you need it. Energy continuity.