Soldier Power

In the many different operating environments faced by a U.S. Army soldier, one issue remains critically-constant: the need for reliable power. But in today’s technology-centric world, our soldiers carry a growing number of powered systems to do their jobs. These devices not only directly add weight that must be carried, but by extension, they also require even more energy storage be brought along. This places an unacceptable burden on U.S. Army personnel, and inspiredĀ a search for a lighter, more flexible solution.
Enter Ardica’s Wearable Power System (WPS).

Alane Fuel Cartridges

Ardica has developed a ruggedized, cartridge-based power system that delivers maximum reliability and flexibility over a typical 72 hour mission, at a weight savings to the soldier of more than 65% compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. The WPS’ Alane-based cartridges are not only lightweight, but entirely safe and recyclable when spent. When more energy is required, a cartridge is simply replaced, with no impact on the other personal systems being powered.

As the WPS is deployed throughout the U.S.’ fighting force, our soldiers will finally have what they most need: energy continuity.

Unmanned Systems

Drones hold great promise for our world, but endurance severely limits their true potential. Alane solutions can dramatically extend range for unmanned systems of all types.


The accelerating adoption of electric and fuel cell vehicles is predicated on removing range anxiety while delivering the same flexibility we all expect. Ardica’s solutions can help.

Consumer Electronics

Wouldn’t it be great to use your personal devices to their full effect, instead of wasting time searching for an outlet or limiting that usage just to preserve power? Let’s break free from the grid.

Backup Power

Backup power is about having energy reliabiity through all kinds of environmental conditions. Our backup solutions can be significantly smaller, safer, and have a reliability that batteries simply cannot match.

Material Handling

Ardica is developing quiet, emissions-free material handling solutions that provide maximum vehicle utility and highly-compact, stable fuel storage.